Oct 8, 2013

Life Lately

Life lately has been so full, so brimming to the top with activity.  Homeschooling is going well.  The kids are enjoying it and strangely enough I am too.  It feels very satisfying to be doing something so important.  My house is less put together.  Meals are not pin worthy. Laundry and dishes are always spilling over.  My floors need mopped and closets need organized, but for some reason life has never seemed so full.  

We have our struggles.  It’s hard being with the kids 24/7.  We all have our ideas of what sounds fun when school is over and we are all finding out we don’t always get out way.  But, what I am finding is that teaching moments are always occurring.  Schooling is never truly finished for the day.  If you can believe it, my boys are actually fighting over who gets to gather the laundry and start a load for the day. 

I am noticing children who take pride in helping more around the house.  Children who value free time more than ever.  Children who are playing together like best friends.  It is so rewarding to see.  It outweighs the difficult moments by tenfold.  

I have yet to figure out how to make time for the things I enjoy.  It seems the kids are up later and after they are in bed my body can’t wait to lie down in the cozy sheets too.  Lesson planning, housework and bible study are consuming my mornings and before I know it, it’s time for breakfast and school.  

Socially we are crazy busy.  I laugh to myself at the thought I was worried about social activities for the boys, only to find our social life has greatly increased since homeschooling.  I am actually longing for days, when co-op, swim lessons, PE and field-trips slow down around the holidays.  The kids are happy and so much more outgoing than ever before.  The families we are meeting are solid, fun people.  My idea of what a homeschool family is has completely changed.  

As for my blog, I am changing things around.  You may notice I have removed some posts and the pics of my kids.  I am feeling more and more every day, they are getting old enough to tell their own story and don’t need me making a cyber-footprint for them.  

I am struggling with if I am going to continue to share our family’s story about Asperger’s.  On one hand, I feel like I want to shout out with Glory to God for His hand in this situation, but on the other, I am unsure of how my son would feel with me sharing his story, when he is older.  I sincerely want to be a support to parents going through the same ordeal, and share what worked for us, so I am trying to figure out how to do that and still respect his privacy. 

My blog will probably consist of more journal type posts.  I just don’t have time to post pics and do fun DIY projects and I don’t want that to hold me back from sharing my stories.  I still have yet to share about the 3 years that were the most stressful in regards to my son’s health, we also had house issues, worthy of a movie script! 

Have a blessed day,


  1. Love your honesty! And, your new photos are beautiful! So glad that life has never seemed to full, that is wonderful.

  2. SO SO happy that your school year is going well...I knew it would. Schooling at home is super hard but yet super rewarding. You get it. :)

  3. Just a couple days ago I was thinking about writing to you to see how the homeschooling year was going. I'm happy to hear it's going so well! I've been struggling with the cyber footprint issue lately too. I love sharing pictures and stories about my kids, but once it's shared it's out there forever. That's scary. Oh, and as for the house being less put together, I was cleaning off a portion of our counters this evening so I could take a picture for the blog. My husband saw me and joked, "Can you take a picture over there and there too?" Sometimes I wish I could live in the perfectly clean house that exists on my blog. (There's a reason I rarely take full room shots.) ;)

    -Emily @ My Love for Words


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