Aug 6, 2013

My Homeschool Room

I have had the most fun preparing for the school year.  This will be our first year homeschooling and if you are interested in why, then read this post.  In the next week, I will be sharing our curriculum choices and more on how I over prepared for the up coming year. I was fortunate to have an office we could easily turn into our main learning space.  I really anticipate schoolwork happening all over the house, but at least everything is organized and all in one place.  If you want to see my office space before, you can check it out here

The timeline, I purchased here.  The lined up pictures under it are my American history figures that  correspond with my  history curriculum  (Hearts of Dakota, Bigger Hearts for His Glory) which I found on, The Monarch Room.  The rolling file cart, is solely dedicated to homeschool papers. 

 I put all my teachers manuals and everyday books we will be using in this blue caddy from IKEA.  I had it shipped, so I didn't have to drive 3 hours to my nearest store.  I can easily move it from room to room and all the books the boys will be reading this year are organized by week and all together!  Yay, no searching for items last minute or worrying about late fees at the library. 

 The canvas wrapped map I found at Hobby Lobby.  The bunting I made with vintage flashcards, I found at Goodwill.

The colorful scrappy bunting is from The Pleated Poppy. And my sweet little embroidered sampler can be purchased at the most adorable shop, The Hope Homemade, they have the cutest stamped necklaces too.  


 On the wall, lined up, is a new chore management system I am trying.  I am doing things a little different, then the book suggests, but the main idea comes from the book, Managers Of Their Chores.  The striped bins I purchased from Pottery Barn, many years ago.  I found the printables at random places online.


Well, that's it!  We are starting school in a couple weeks.  I hope all my planning helps things get off to a smooth start. If you are interested in seeing our curriculum click here. If you are interested in reading how our first year of schooling went click here.


  1. I just found you through Iheart Organizing, and I'm excited to have found someone else on the beginning of their homeschool journey. We are starting this year too (preschool for my daughter). Okay, I'm off to read your post about why you're homeschooling now. :)

    -Emily @

  2. it looks amazing, kate! i love every little detail. :)
    you are going to have such a great year!

  3. Ok, I'm totally and completely inspired! I was just about to make a fabric banner, and have been hanging things here and there in our little school room. I love the flash cards. Great idea! Thank you for mentioning me :) Love, love!

  4. looks so good!! makes me miss my old school room AND makes me realize how BEHIND on school planning I am!!! yikes!!

  5. Wow! Way to go to it, girl! I have just started organizing our classroom, and it is certainly in the chaos before the calm stage. (ha!)

  6. Love it! Your kids are going to love it! We will be moving in a new house next month and then I get to have a better space for homeschooling. I will definitely be checking back to steal some of your ideas. We started school Monday so when we move we can take a little break to get settled. Last night when going to bed, my daughter said, "I can't wait for tomorrow to do school again!" You are going to have a blast homeschooling and having so much time with the little ones God gave you to train. Hope your school year is great!

    1. Thank you! Good luck with your move! That is great your daughter is so excited.

  7. Great use for the Ikea cart! I LOVE it.. and have never thought of a good use for it. Oh me, oh my.. ANOTHER reason to go to Ikea! Ha! And love the math card bunting! Super cute! We'll be Heart of Dakota this year, too.... : )

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  9. What an inspirational and adorable school room! Thanks for sharing. We homeschooled with Bigger Hearts last year and had a great year. Hope you have the same experience.

  10. This looks wonderful! I would have loved to have a dedicated space when we were homeschooling. The room is so cheery and school like, yet comfy too!

  11. I love your school room! It is perfect. We school at our dining room table and I put up buntings and school-ish stuff from time to time but it doesn't stay up year round. I'd love to have a dedicated room! I love how you used the Ikea cart. I love that card and now the wheels in my head are turning about how I can make it work for us. (Can never have enough school storage!) I also read your reasons for homeschooling and it looks like you made the right choice! Best of luck during your first year- you will love it!

  12. Your 'classroom' is awesome!! I love everything you have done in there, it makes me want to come over so you can teach me :) You have done so much in there and it has paid off, it looks great!!


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